Leslie Daley OTR/L

Licensed occupational therapist

John Barnes myofascial release specialist

Certified restorative yoga therapist

Certified yoga teacher

With a diverse background in health, wellness and healing, Leslie has worked with both adults and children in a variety of settings including yoga studios, corporate offices, community programs, wellness programs, schools, hospitals, and home-based therapy.

“Working with Leslie was profound on many levels. Her knowledge of the physical, integrating the spiritual and emotional was truly impressive. Furthermore, her down-to- earth, grounded, and practical suggestions
were very helpful and healing. I highly recommend working with her!’’

Rev. Sam Rudra Swartz
Integral Yoga Institute

About Leslie

Leslie earned her Master of Science degree in occupational therapy from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2012 in order to bring her skills to more people in need. She discovered Myofascial Release (MFR) as a client in need. As her injuries and chronic pain profoundly improved with treatment, she felt called to offer this work to others. Over the years, Leslie's sensitive hands and belief in the power of touch has led her to be a student of Reiki, Trager, and Shiatsu. She studied the Alexander Technique extensively which cured recurrent bouts of TMJ and tendonitis developed from long hours of computer work. All these modalities inform Leslie's work as she utilizes hands-on techniques in a variety of ways during sessions.


Leslie has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching classes and workshops since 2002. After completing well over 500 hours of training in classical hatha, alignment-based vinyasa yoga, therapeutic yoga, yin yoga, pediatric yoga and yoga-based stress management, Leslie brings a deep understanding of yoga’s healing potential. As a therapist, her aim is to help you find a practice that makes sense for where you are today, moving you toward wholeness and improved quality of life.


Occupational therapy (OT) is a broad-based, allied health profession with its roots in mental health care and rehabilitation. As an OT, Leslie is trained to evaluate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine where any disability or health problem may be interfering with his or her ability to live life more fully, enjoy meaningful activities or gain greater independence. The choice to pursue occupational versus physical therapy came as a result of Leslie's lifelong passion for mind-body integrative practices including yoga, meditation, the Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, and Mental Imagery. Occupational therapy, with it’s emphasis on client-centered care and empowerment, addresses the whole person—body and mind.

Leslie is a member of The New York State Occupational Therapy Association, The International Association of Yoga Therapists, The Yoga Alliance, and the Integral Yoga Teachers Association.